Sheet Buying Guide

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Does Thread Count Really Matter?

Do 1000-thread count sheets mean quality? Does long-staple cotton or rayon from bamboo make a better material for sheet comfort? Most importantly, do you stay awake nights overwhelmed by the range of prices and materials associated with sheet set shopping? Fret no more! We’ve got your essential sheet buying guide here!

Shop Smart: Unraveling the mystery of thread count

Thread count contributes to bedding quality, but don’t forget to factor in fiber content. For 100% cotton sheets, many textile experts consider 500 to 600 thread counts to be the maximum. Fiber length is also important: long-staple cotton fibers, such as Pima and Supima, mean better quality. Linen, bamboo-sourced and cotton-blend bed sets can have different thread count maximums and different weave styles.

Invest in Comfort: Choosing crisp, cozy, cotton or combo fibers

100% cotton sheets offer lasting value with a crisp out-of-the-package experience, akin to a tuxedo shirt. They may be prone to occasional wrinkles but, like classic fashions, cotton sheets can last for years.

Linen sheets, made with fibers grown from flax, are thicker than cotton which can translate to a lower thread count and a more pronounced texture that softens with washing while maintaining quality for up to two decades.

Sustainable, bamboo-sourced viscose or rayon sheets are hypoallergenic and offer temperature-controlling qualities, making them a good choice for allergy sufferers and climate-sensitive sleepers.

Cotton-blend sheets combine cotton durability and easy care. A luxe, cotton-rich blend (60% or higher cotton composition) fabric can have a thread count into the thousands – look for a sateen weave for spa-quality silkiness and sheen, or a percale weave for a crisp, casual feel.

Once you’ve decided on fiber, select a solid color or versatile print so you can enjoy a core of lasting comfort.  To add luxe, seek out embroidery, screen printing or other creative details.

Expert Design Tip: Completing your bedroom transformation

Safely snuggled between quality sheets, you can accessorize with value-priced décor and accessories without losing a moment of healthful sleep. Personalize to suit your style of relaxation with a duvet cover or quilt set, throw, coordinating wall décor and plenty of pillows.

Spend right, sleep tight with zzzzz… Zulily.

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