Trays Three Ways

Wood cheese tray with floral design, cheese, olives and grapes

Serveware with Function and Flair

The humble tray can seem so simple — dare we say square? — but one quickly comes to realize its versatility and charm. Read on to discover just three of many ways this singular piece goes from tray one day to treasure the next. Let’s begin in the heart of your home…

Light wood tray holding kitchen supplies and salt and pepper shakers

ONE: Keep your kitchen countertop tidy by collecting your salt, pepper, spoon rest and utensil holder on a two-handled wood or melamine tray. Not only does it look super-organized — it also centralizes spicy spills and splatters for easy clean-up. And when the gang comes over for brunch, you can simply whisk the whole arrangement out of the way.

Round lucite tray holding makeup brushes and perfume spritzer

TWO. Now, on to the bathroom. Neaten your vanity with a glamorous Lucite or sleek stainless steel tray to hold your favorite scents and essential toiletries. Have a tiny or shared bath? A tray lets you store make-up and more on top of a bedroom bureau or side table without damaging its surface.

Hammered bronze tray with cocktails and oblong slate cheese tray


THREE: Last, but definitely not least, every good hostess needs a collection of unique trays for serving up everything from cheese and crackers to cocktails. Prep for a party by setting up trays of appies and fun favors to pass throughout the event. And who doesn’t delight in a multi-tier tray filled with cookies and chocolates?

In truth, we could go on for days about the versatility of trays, but we’ll stop here in hopes that we’ve persuaded you to consider shopping for classic two-handled or unique serving trays. We can only imagine the many ways you’ll discover to serve, store things and style your home with these affordable treasures.