Could You Be a Model at Zulily?

Four ethnically diverse women

Ever wondered what it would be like to live the life of a model, strutting your stuff in front of the camera? Read on to learn what it’s like to be a model at Zulily, and get some tips from our in-house pros.

Fabulous — and Familiar — Faces

Before we spill the tea, take a scroll through our site. We get excited by models who represent real people living their best lives—all shapes, sizes and cultures. To create our inclusive, inspiring designs, we find our models right here at home. Zulily models are employees, community members, our friends’ kids, neighbors, local business owners and even you (if you hail from Seattle, WA or Columbus, OH)!

Whether they come with a portfolio full of pro photos or are total beginners, our models offer authenticity we love to celebrate. Zulily strives to give our models a fun-filled day of glam – and in return, we get real smiles, candid poses and fabulous partnerships.

A Typical Photo Shoot Day

On a typical shoot day, models come in during normal business hours to get their hair and makeup done and participate from one to four photo shoots, all organized by our hardworking photographers and stylists ahead of time for a seamless, enjoyable process.

Each model receives professional treatment throughout the photoshoot, as well as pose coaching and access to the photos for personal or portfolio use. (Plus, some Zulily store credit for a future shopping spree.)

Curling and flat irons styling locks of hair

Tips from Our Pros: How to model at Zulily (or anywhere!)

Practice poses and facial expressions in the mirror so you feel comfortable and prepared when you come on set.” – Daniel S., Editorial Photographer

Be as open as possible… if you trust your photographer and stylist and their vision, you will be surprised by some of the shots they can get.” – Angela C., Creative Stylist

“When the models are genuinely happy to be there it really shines through in the photo. A positive attitude is essential for the shoot to run smoothly.” – Daniel S.

“When a model has great etiquette on set and takes necessary steps to show up on time and ready to get to work with the team.” – Alyssa W., Talent Booker

Why the Zulily Team Loves Working With Amateur Models

“Getting the chance to work with such a wide range of people that may not otherwise get the chance to model. We meet people with day jobs super outside of what you might expect, such as a paramedic and a tech engineer.” – Daniel S.

woman modeling gold jewelry

“It’s great to have the opportunity to make someone’s day and really boost their confidence.” – Angela C.

If you’ve been curious about the modeling world and itching to start a career or side-hustle of your own, consider this your sign! Practice your poses, perfect your walk and jump into this fun-filled world.

If you or someone you know might be interested in the chance to be a model at Zulily, check out more information here.