It’s Scarf Season!

woman wearing grey tunic and brown plaid scarf

When mornings begin with a chill in the air, you know that scarf season has arrived. Scarves are versatile accessories, both functional and fabulous. They’re an inexpensive way to layer any look with color and texture – while also adding warmth.

Tips & Types

There are many ways to wear scarves — and a wide array of sizes and designs. Here’s a primer on styling, plus tips on pairing the right type of scarf with every outfit.

Ready to stock up on scarves?

Basic or Traditional (Rectangular) Scarf

Great with any type of coat or jacket. Loop it around your neck, with one loose tie if desired, and adjust to both ends hang evenly in front.

Blanket or Shawl (Large Square) Scarf

Balance the oversize scale with riding or over-the-knee boots and slim or fitted pants. Or layer over a sweater dress for added texture and color.

Silk (Classic) Scarf

Light and elegant, silk scarves are often more modestly sized. Wear in a knot or bow at the neckline, tuck inside a classic button-up, or tie one in your hair for a retro-chic accent.

Infinity (Loop) Scarf

In chunky knits that mock a cable sweater, or artful loops that you don’t need to tie, infinity scarves make convenient outerwear accents. Or try one with a toasty turtleneck or basic long-sleeve tee.

Now you’re ready to choose right scarves to complement your fashion vibe, and embrace chilly weather in style!