Looking ahead at 2020

rainbow color plush sloth

Weโ€™ve arrived at the year in which everything should be perfectly clear.

Looking ahead at 2020, the coming months at least seem likely to inspire eyesight puns aplenty. So, keep your peepers open for gems like these:

2019 went by like a blur... my New Year's resolution must have been too low.
I can't wait 'til New Year's Day 2021. Then I can say hindsight really is 2020!

For us, the year ahead begins with a birthday!

Yes, Zulily is turning TEN! From the fabulous to the funny to the Frye footwear, weโ€™ve been bringing you shopping joy for a whole decade. Weโ€™ll be marking the occasion in lots of ways, so keep an eye on the Zulily app, as well as our Facebook, YouTube and Instagram channels for deals and delights.

And, whether itโ€™s a new hairstyle, a new home, a new job or a new outlook, we look forward to helping you celebrate your 2020 milestones, too.

Here’s to all of us!